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Cerita Kejayaan Honda: Very Inspiring!!

Honda 50 cc supercup

Salam pada semua, hari ni saje je nak share pasal ilmu yang penulis dapat waktu berkursus di Institut Tadbir Awam Negara atau ringkasnya INTAN di Bukit Kiara. Penulis mengikuti Kursus Pengurusan Strategik selama 5 hari disana. Yelah, suasana berubah, persekitaran berubah. suasana kerja penulis sekarang ni beruniform, kadang2 sesekali lari dari yang biasa menyebabkan kita jumpa perkara yang luar biasa. hehe..ape aku merepek ni.  
Cerita macam ni, dalam modul kursus tersebut ada berbagai topik yang diajar, dan banyak juga tool2 management untuk administrator mcm penulis seperti Strategi Lautan Biru (Blue Ocean Strategy), SWOT analysis, Balance Scorecard dan lain2. InsyaAllah nanti penulis share topik2 ini. Untuk pengetahuan pembaca, tool2 tersebut telah lama digunakan oleh multimillion industry dan berjaya membuatkan mereka meraih keuntungan jutaan ringgit. Malah berbillion. Tak juga Trillion dan seterusnya. Sebabnya mudah, mereka fokus terhadap bidang dan perusahaan yg mereka cebur dan menambah aplikasi pengurusan strategi yang berkesan untuk memaksimumkan keuntungan syarikat.

Untuk itu, penulis nak kongsi satu cerita berkenaan kejayaan Syarikat Honda. Ramai yang mungkin tak pernah baca dan tak pernah tau macam mana Syarikat honda ini mula2 beroperasi. Macam mana mereka memulakan perniagaan mereka. Cerita ini adalah nota yang penulis terima sewaktu kursus tersebut. Sila baca dan mungkin akan membuatkan anda lebih bersemangat untuk melakukan sesuatu perkara seperti blogging or kerja harian anda. Semoga semuanya sukses ya!! 

The Real Story Behind Honda’s Success (According to Honda Managers)

In truth we had no strategy other than the idea of seeing if we could sell something in the United States. [We had] to obtain a currency allocation from the Ministry of Finance. They were extraordinary sceptical. Toyota had launched the Toyopet in the U.S. in 1958 and had failed miserably. “How could Honda succeed?” they asked. Months went by. We put the project on hold. Suddenly, five month after our application, we were give the go-ahead, but at only a fraction of our expected level of commitment. “You can invest $250,000 in the U.S market,” they said, “but only $110,000 in cash.” The remainder of our assets had to be in parts and motorcycle inventory.
Our focus was to compete with the European exports. We Knew our products at the time were good but not far superior.  Mr.Honda was especially confident of the 250cc and 305 cc machines. The shape of the handlebar on these larger machine looked like eyebrow of Bhudda, which he felt was a strong selling point. Thus, after some discussion and with no compelling criteria for selection, we configured our start-up inventory with 25 percent of each of our four products – the 50cc Supercub, and the 125cc, 250cc and 305cc. In dollar value terms, of course, the inventory was heavily weighted toward the larger bikes.
The stringent monetary controls of the Japanese government together with unfriendly reception we had received during our 1958 visit caused us to start small. We chose Los Angeles where there was a large second and third generation Japanese community, a climate suitable for motorcycle use, and a growing population. We were so strapped for cash that the three of us shared of furnished apartment that we rented for $80 per month. Two of us slept on the floor. We obtained a warehouse in a run-down section of the city and waited for the ship to arrive. Not daring to spare our funds for equipment, the three of us stacked the motorcycle crates three high – by hand – swept the floors and built and maintained the part bin.

We were entirely in the dark the first year. We were not aware that the motorcycle business in the America occurs during a seasonal April-to-August window-and our timing coincided with the closing of the 1959 season. Our hard-learned experiences with distributorships in Japan convinced us to try to go to retailers direct. We ran ads in the motorcycle trade magazine for dealers. A few responded. By spring of 1960, we had forty dealers and some of our inventory in their stores – mostly larger bikes. A few of the 250cc and 305 cc bikes began to sell. Then disaster struck. By the first week of April 1960, reports were coming in that our machines were leaking oil and encountering clutch failure. This was our lowest moment. Honda’s fragile reputation was being destroyed before it could be established. As it turned out, Motorcycles in the United States are driven much farther and much faster than in Japan. But not knowing that, we had to dig deeply into our precious cash reserve air freight our motorcycles to the Honda testing lab in Japan.

Throughout the dark month of April, Pan Am was the only enterprise in the U.S. that was nice to us. Our testing lab worked twenty-four-hour days bench testing the bikes to try to replicate the failure. Within a month, a redesigned head gasket and clutch spring solved the problem. But in the meantime, events had taken a surprising turn.            Throughout our first eight months, following Mr. Honda’s and our own instincts, we had not attempted to move the 50cc Supercubs. While they were a smash success in Japan (and manufacturing couldn’t keep up with demand there), they seemed wholly unsuitable for the U.S. market where everything was bigger and more luxurious. As a clincher, we had our sights on the import market, like the American manufacturers, we emphasized on the larger machines.
We used the Honda 50’s ourselves to ride around Los Angeles on errands. They attracted a lot of attention. One day we had a call from a Sears buyer. While persisting in our refusal to sell through an intermediary, we took note of Sears’ interest. But we still hesitate to push 50cc bikes out of fear they might harm But when the larger bikes started breaking, we had no choice. We let the 50cc bikes move.
p/s: Semuanya bermula dengan sikap tidak mudah berputus asa. Jangan anggap apa yang kita target nak jual tu akan laku, mungkin baju yang kita pakai waktu nak jual tu yang orang nak beli. Macam honda ni, nak jual motosikal 250 cc di America,waktu nak jual diorang bawak masuk honda 50cc yang hanya untuk staf2 diorang guna, aleh2, orang america nak beli motosikal tu pulak. Inilah orang kata, untung sabut timbul, untung batu tenggelam or tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia siapa yang tahu?.. Macam pembaca jugakla, mula2 buat blog untuk perkara yang lain tapi tak hit perkara or topik tu, mungkin ada perkara lain yang membuatkan blog anda hit yang anda tak sangka. Cenggitu la. Sukses semua!


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