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Ayat-Ayat Motivasi : 1. TENSION

Aku just nak share perkara ni ngan korang semua. Kat tempat kerja aku tu ada seorang staf yang asyik suka edarkan emel2 motivasi kepada kami semua. Menarik juga kiriman yang diberi n kadang2 mencuit hati. Tak pasti dimana dia dapat ayat2 yang menarik tapi bermotivasi ni.. cuba korang baca n faham k. Chill Out!

The moment U r in Tension
U will lose your Attention
Then U r in total CONFUSION
And U’ll fell IRRITATION
This may spoil your personal RELATIONS
Intimately, U won’t get  COOPERATION
And get things into  COMPLICATION
Then U may Raise COUNTION
And U have to Take MEDICATION
Why not try understanding the SITUATION
An try to think about the SOLUTION
Many problems will b Solved By DISCUSSION
Which will work out better in your PROFESSION
Don’t think this is a free SUGGESTION
It is only for your PREVENTION
If U understand My INTENTION
U will never come in TENSION ……

p/s: Moral of the story ------> jgn tension2 k.. hehe

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