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Korang tau tak asal usul Angry Birds??

Pasal ape ko marah sgt ni burung??

Untuk post kategori Pengajaran dan Motivasi, kali ni US nak kongsikan bersama kisah berkenaan dengan permainan popular di Iphone or S II keluaran Apple atau Samsung. Walaupun Steve Jobs dah meninggal, Angry Birds masih tetap marah. Ntah apa yang dimarahkan sgt pun US tak paham. Anyway, ini adalah petikan yang US ambil dari majalah Reader's Digest. Last weekend baca n rasa ada sumber inspirasi macam kisah Honda aritu. Belum baca kisah Kejayaan Honda??. Klik SINI. Berikut adalah perbualan antara Reader's Digest (RD) dengan CEO Rovio Mobile Ltd, Peter Vesterbacka (PV) (Bukan Peter!! Beras Terbakar la) salah sebuah syarikat Finland. Sebelum tu nak bagitau game Angry Birds ni adalah game yang paling banyak dimuat turun dan dimainkan oleh penggemarnya 200 juta minit sehari. Bayangkan kalau Animonsta dan Les Copaque leh buat game dan hits seperti ini. Terbaekk.. Orang dok main game Upin dan Ipin dan Boboi Boy. Tak mustahil kan?? Ok, berenti mengarut, korang baca la temubual eksklusif ni ya:
RD: When did you realise Angry Birds (AB) was a big hit?
PV: When the game's fans wanted to take photo with me. It felt a little baffling at first. A year ago, we were pleased if someone in the US, for instance, recognised the bird figure on my hoodie. Now, as soon as I get to the airport, the Customs officer strike up a conversation, with me, telling me which level they've completed.
RD: Was the game's huge success a surprise?
PV: Not really. Rovio had already developed 51 games before AB was born. Each time we finished a new game, we would make our friends and families test it first. They usually returned the phones quite soon with a casual comment like 'The game was all right'. When we gave them AB for testing, no one wanted to give up their test phones. They just wanted to keep playing.
Tension sebab babi curi telur

RD: How did AB come about?
PV: In the spring of 2009, our head designer, Jaako Lisalo, created a game design featuring these bird characters. The original game idea didnt work, but everyone felt in love with the birds. We wanted to develop a game based on them. It took us eight months and finally in December 2009, we brought it into the market. We tought we would be able to sell 100,000 and cover development costs. Sales grew gradually and AB phenomenon took off in the Spring of 2010.
RD: Why is the game so popular?
PV: It;s easy  to start playing Ab but very hard to stop. The game is not too intense. It doesnt take fast reflexes to play. We have received feedback from grandparents saying this is the first mobile game that they can play together with their grandchildren. The main reason for the game's succes is, after all, the birds.
RD: What makes the birds appealing?
PV : They've got a bit of an edge. The birds are not the perfect superhero characters, and that makes it easy for people to identify them. The birds are angry and for very good reason. There are many different bird characters in the game, each with its own fans.
RD: Which of the birds is the most popular?
PV : Probably the red bird because people get to see it a lot. Also, the black bomb bird because it's so effective.
RD: And the least popular?
PV: The boomerang bird invokes the most passionate responses. Some people like it best and some outright hate it because it is harder to use.
RD: Do people the te pigs?
PV: The pigs are quite popular,, they sell well as toys.
RD: Is game development now being pushed to the background?
PV: Rovio is not just a game developer, we're also an entertainment company. We have already put a lot of effort into developing our merchandise, such as toys and a cookbook. We intend to develop AB into a strong brand within the entertainment bussiness. We are constantly developing new AB-themed games, but we won't publish them until we are 100% satisfied.
Kasut pun nak ada Angry Birds ke?

RD: What is your Favourite bird?
PV: Mighty eagle. I even have that as my title on my bussiness card.
p/s : Info lanjut pasal AB ni. SINI

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