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Pharmacist : Jack of all trades? Not anymore

Serius sikit entri kali ini. Mungkin boleh bakar dan beri galakkan kepada mereka-mereka di luar sana especially adik-adik yang kini menjawat jawapan pharmacist di hospital-hospital kerajaan, swasta ataupun komuniti. Ramai orang especially pharmacist sendiri berkata yang pharmacist ni skop bidang tugasnya tidak terhad, ia boleh berkembang sehingga ke bermacam-macam ruang, platform, tanggungjawab dan justifikasi. Ada yang kata pharmacist ini Store Keeper shj, ada pula yang kata Drug Pusher (;P), ada pula yang serabut kata pharmacist ini atas sikit je dari farmer. eheh...But that is the true, ada je pharmacist suka berkebun. Ye tak? :)

Kiranya all rounders la, itu sebab sampai diorang gelakkan pharmacist ini Jack of All Trade, Master of None. Well, actually you can turn the table around, you see. By having your master degree at least. In what field? There are many field to be involved in pharmacy career. The list is below:

1.  Boleh buat master dalam bidang 'Pharmacoeconomic'.
2.  Pharmacoinformatics
3.  Clinical Pharmacy.
4.  Pharmaceutics.
5.  Master in Pharmacy Practice and the list can go on and on....

So, after what had happen in the Bahagian Perkhidmatan Farmasi recent on with the on going recognition and privileging/credentialling program, one should take this opportunity  to not only upgrade our knowledge but also can give the best services to the customers more efficient with the quality guaranteed. Let alone if there is bonuses in term of special allowance and what not.

So guys, who are still in searching a secure and rewarding jobs, make sure your grade will pass you to enter any pharmacy school in Malaysia or overseas. Adios! Peace

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